New Surveying Drone

RPC has taken a further step to integrate technology into the way we carry out surveying with the acquisition of a Phantom 4 RTK drone.


The drone links to our existing GPS equipment and provides us with high accuracy position and height information in more detail than before.


The drone gives us the ability to;

  • Survey larger areas faster than before.
  • Provide accurate information on large earthwork and urban development sites.
  • Provide accurate positional information on buildings for certification to Territorial Authorities.
  • Topographical mapping.
  • As built engineering works construction.
  • Surveying rural property including tracks, fence-lines, paddock areas, orchards etc.
  • Consider new survey opportunities and projects for our clients.

Our operators include 15 years private pilot flying experience background on full size aircraft and the requisite Part 101 ratings under the Civil Aviation Act so we can deal with the legal requirements for operating a remotely piloted aircraft on your project.

We anticipate the drone will give our client’s greater access to accurate, cost effective, survey accurate information on their project.

This is another step toward providing our clients with quick, innovative and technological access to the latest in survey measurement information on your land.