New Tauranga City Plan

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The Tauranga City Council has released its new ‘City Plan’. This is a document that sets out the legal rules for how you can build or develop the land that you own within the Tauranga City boundaries.

It’s a big document and yes there are lots of rules on what you can and cannot do.

The city also has a few different zones ie Suburban Residential Zone, City Living zone, Rural zone, and you can do different things with your property depending what zone your property is located in.

For those in town wanting to subdivide your section, the rules on what you can do with your property have changed. One of the main changes involves the minimum land area you need for your property to be able to subdivide. You now need a nett site area of at least 325m². That means if you want to subdivide off the rear site of your property, the land area of the rear site must be 325m², plus the area of the land included in the driveway out to the road. The front property must also be a minimum of 325m². So you need a minimum of 650m² (2 x 325m²) plus the driveway.

So we must look at each property individually to see what you can do and if you can subdivide.

We deal with subdivisions all the time. 2 lot infill subdivisions are our specialty.

I have a checklist we go through for each site to see if there are any issues, problems, etc. I am happy to complete this checklist for you at no cost and no obligation.

If you have a property and want to know more give me a call.

Peter Crane
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