Proposed Tauranga City Plan – Latest Rules

Environmental Policy Proposed Tauranga City Plan – Site Coverage, Nett Site Area and Outdoor Living Area All appeals to the Proposed City Plan in relation to site coverage, nett site area and outdoor living area rules in the Suburban Residential Zone were resolved by an Environment Court Consent Order on the 25 February 2012.

The mediated outcome that was achieved between all parties to the appeals now has legal effect and supersedes previous provisions within the Proposed City Plan.

A copy of the consent order is located on the Tauranga City Plan website, and the Proposed City Plan (internet version and hard copy) will be updated as soon as practically possible.

The key changes to the relevant provisions are:

Site Coverage
The amended site coverage rules have been separated to apply a differing percentage of site coverage to sites that are 500m2 or greater as opposed to sites that are less than 500m2 as set out below:

  • 5% nett site area site coverage for sites 500m2 or greater (nett site area);
  • 55% nett site area site coverage for sites of less than 500m2 (nett site area).

The definition of site coverage has also been amended to now provide further exclusions from the site coverage calculation, as below:

  • open decks and balconies (which may be covered for sun protection),
  • open carports
  • eaves (including guttering),
  • pergolas; and
  • structures below ground level.

Outdoor Living Area
The amended outdoor living area provisions provide for an outdoor living area to be able to be provided at either ground floor level or as a balcony with a minimum area of no less than 12m2 (with the balance of the outdoor living area to be provided at ground level).

It has been clarified that there shall be direct access to the outdoor living area from a main living area of a dwelling. Outdoor living areas may contain decks and balconies and eaves (including guttering) and may also be covered for sun protection.

Nett Site Area
The definition of Nett Site Area remains unchanged as per the Proposed Tauranga City Plan.

If you have any questions in relation to the above new rules of the Tauranga City Council and how they might effect your development please contact us.

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