Submission to Draft Ten Year Plan 2012, TCC

pilot bay

The council recently released their draft 10 year Annual Plan and along with other things I decided to prepare a submission of the proposal to establish a boardwalk along the Pilot Bay beach reserve.

Pilot Bay is a prime recreational area on the harbour side of Mount Maunganui and is popular for younger families to picnic on the grass area in front of the beach, and is a safe shallow beach for children to swim at.

Council was proposing a walkway from the Salisbury Wharf end of Pilot Bay through to the boat ramp at the base of Mauao (Mount Maunganui). However no plans had been prepared to show the proposed alignment, extent, or construction.

Council also sought comments on the type of construction for any walkway and whether it should be a gravel, concrete or timber construction.

I evaluated the uses of various areas along Pilot Bay including existing active recreation uses for triathlons, outrigger canoes, and hire boats.

I also looked at the passive use by people having picnics and sitting along the grass are above the beach, and the use of the beach by people walking and also the use by tourists that arrive by cruise ships during the summer.

It was evident that areas along the beach are used differently, and that a walkway along the full length of the beach was unnecessary and would impact of peoples use and enjoyment of the beach reserve.

My recommendation was for a timber boardwalk starting at the southern end of the car park opposite Pacific Avenue extending along the northern end of the beach to the boat ramp car park at the base of Mauao. This was in the most heavily used pedestrian traffic area.

The area between the Pacific Avenue car park and Salisbury wharf should remain as a grass area in its current state for the use of families and those wanting having a picnic or sit on the grass. The existing grass area would also remain for the triathlon events that are held in this area. This area is wide enough to cater with any foot traffic through the area.

I presented my submissions to the council hearings committee and wait for the outcome and detailed plans of any proposal

If you would to talk to me about this submission or any other aspect of surveying please give me a call.

Peter Crane
0274 912 424 or 07 575 4911